11.7. twol.raw2named module

Forms morphophonemic representations out of zero-filled example word forms

This program is free software under GPL 3 license

Copyright Kimmo Koskenniemi 2017-2020


See Morphophonemic representations to see how the program is used in conjunction with other twol utility programs.

The program gives a help message:

$ twol-raw2named -h
usage: python3 raw2named.py [-h] [-d DELIMITER] [-n NAME_SEPARATOR]
                            [-F] [-v VERBOSITY]
                            input output names

Renames raw morphophonemes. Version 2020-02-20

positional arguments:
  input                 aligned examples as a CSV file
  output                renamed examples as a space separated pair
                        symbol strings
  names                 mapping from raw to neat morphophonemes as
                        a CSV file, default is ','

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DELIMITER, --delimiter DELIMITER
                        delimiter between raw name and new name
                        fields, default is ','
  -n NAME_SEPARATOR, --name-separator NAME_SEPARATOR
                        Separator between morpheme names in the
                        morpheme list, default is '.'
  -F, --add-features    add affix morpheme names to the pairstring
  -v VERBOSITY, --verbosity VERBOSITY
                        level of diagnostic and debugging output