11.2. twol.cfg module

Global values and functions for twol modules.

These definitions and values are used by several twol-related programs, e.g. twol, multialign, table2words, words2zerofilled etc.

twol.cfg.all_pairs_fst = None

An FST which accepts any one symbol pair in symbol_pair_set

twol.cfg.all_zero_weight = 1000.0

in multialign: the weight for a set {‘Ø’} which is normally not preferred but sometimes is needed, eg. when using Øs in the input words

twol.cfg.example_lst = []

List of example words as pair symbol strings

twol.cfg.example_set = {}

Set of examples as space-separated string of normalized pair symbols

twol.cfg.examples_fst = None

Examples as a tranducer that accepts them as symbol pair sequences

twol.cfg.final = False

In multialign: preferring of the deletion of final phonemes

twol.cfg.input_symbol_set = {}

The set of input symbols (phonemes and morphophonemes) occurring in the examples

twol.cfg.output_symbol_set = {}

The set of output symbols (surface characters) occurring in the examples

twol.cfg.pair_symbol_set = {}

The set of all normalized pair symbols (e.g. ‘k’, ‘{aä}:a’) occurring in the examples


Converts one pair symbol into a corresponding symbol pair

pairsym – a pair symbol, e.g. ‘k’ or ‘{aä}:a’ or ‘k:k’

returns – a symbol pair, e.g. (‘k’, ‘k’) or (‘{aä}’, ‘a’) or (‘k’,’k’)

twol.cfg.symbol_pair_set = {}

The set of all symbol pairs (e.g. (‘{aä}’, ‘a’)) in the examples.

twol.cfg.sympair2pairsym(insym, outsym)[source]

Converts a symbol pair into a corresponding normalized pair symbol

insym – a symbol in the input alphabet, e.g. ‘k’ or ‘{aä}’

outsym – a symbol in the output alphabet, e.g. ‘k’ or ‘a’

returns – a normalized pair symbol, e.g. ‘k’ or ‘{aä}:a’ (not ‘k:k’)